Chinese Drywall Inspection

Certified - Chinese Drywall -Testing 

"Does this House have
"Reactive Chinese Drywall?"

    The fact that Chinese Drywall is capable of out-gassing toxic corrosive Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s) into the indoor-air environment is well documented. Excessive Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s) caused by reactive/problematic drywalls wll contaminate the interior air space. H2s corrodes copper tubing and electrical wiring, causes A/C evaporator coils to fail and is detrimental to ones health. 

Our inspection protocol is effective and time tested. We follow recommendations made by the (CPSC) Consumer Product Safety Commission Interim Guidance Recommendations for homes with possible reative/problematic drywall. 

Peace of mind comes with knowing the answer; "One way or Another!" 
Schedule a CCDT Inspection. We provide the documentation and Certified Laboratory analysis reports you need to move forward. 



If you are investing or living in a home in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia built between 2001-2009, Reactive/Problematic Chinese
Drywall could be a part of the interior wallboard structure


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Thank you for visiting our site. Since the issue of Chinese Drywall (problematic drywall) came about, we have been in the forefront, helping investors, real estate agents and homeowners to understand the issue and to obtain a lab tested certifiable answer to  the question:  Does this house have problematic drywall? 

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